Chatham Area
Meeting the fourth Wednesday each month

Chatham Area Public Library 6:00-7:30pm

Welcome to the Chatham Area Writer's Group!  We are super happy to have you join us! 

We believe writing is a journey full of adventure, self-discovery, and humor.   We know the journey is more profound when we can share it with others. Our writers group is the perfect place to share the postcards and photos of your journey! Our group consistents of travelers of all ages, genres and milestones.   We would love to have you join us as you pack your bags to begin or continue on the path you have already forged.  

Our members write literary fiction, science-fiction, fantasy, nonfiction, novels, novellas, television scripts, essays, poetry, short stories and more.  Some of us submit queries to agents and book publishers.  Some of us self-publish, print and sell our own copies.  Our diversity allows us to explore new territories along our way.  

critique guidelines
are formatted to help our members overcome the obstacles encountered when editing, continuing and completing their projects.   We are a group committed to encouraging one another through each step of this process.  We work through all struggles our members experience through a dedicated team effort. We also celebrate successes as a proud writing family!

Our group meets once every month.  Our meetings are held on the fourth Wednesday of each month and include a critique session.   After volunteers read their work, our members respond with helpful and encouraging commentary.    Readers participate by asking follow-up questions so our group can fully support the reader in acheiving their goals.   Through authentic encouragement, commentary and humor, our members become friends, confidantes and co-navigators throughout the writing journey.

If this sounds like the writers group for you, would you please consider joining us?  We would love to have you attend one of our meetings.   Participation levels are completely optional.   We promise we will do everything we can to make you feel welcome and will only ask you to share your journey with us when you feel you are ready.  

Onward to the next step on your writing journey!

Don't adventures ever have an end? I suppose not.
Someone else always has to carry on on the story. 
-J.R.R. Tolkien

Chatham Writer's Group Mission Statement:

Our mission is to provide a welcoming environment for all aspiring writers.   Through thoughtful, considerate, authentic feedback, we agree to work as a team to encourage all authors to achieve their individual goals.   Through this fellowship, we agree to respond with kindness to each member of our group.  We agree to respect all work presented for commentary..   We agree to respond to all work submitted with thoughtful feedback focused on the goals of each individual author.    
We agree to meet at the Chatham Area Public Library two times each month.   We agree to respect the property at the Chatham Area Public Library.   We agree to respect the instruction of our group facilitator.   We agree to attend as many meetings as our schedule allows and make attendance a priority to provide for many opportunities for our members to read, critique and share their challenges, experiences and achievements.  We agree use the time allotted to read, respond and discuss the writing selections and educational presentations put forth by our members.   We agree to contribute our time, education, thoughts, ideas, suggestions and humor to maintain a fellowship of trustworthy, motivated and kind individuals contributing their time and effort to help their fellow writers succeed.   We recognize writing as a unique gift we share and agree to be a faithful traveling companion on the writing journey.. 

Onward to great things with our fellow writers and friends!